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Our team

Carved from good timber – committed to our work.

 As everybody knows, a well-functioning team that sees its profession as a vocation is the ideal starting point for all efforts. What we all have in common is a sense of curiosity which allows us to get a feel for new things, meaning that we can be trusted to ensure that all hands are on board to cope with them. That’s why we established rheinische riviera.

Together we are crazy people – in a positive sense. We offer all manner of different qualities that allow us to push forward developments and innovations and, at the same time, to maintain a sense of proportion and an awareness of ecology.

This cross-border initiative (GER, NL), a cooperation between various municipalities and companies, promotes innovation in the field of healthy building, while focusing on people’s needs.

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Intelligently networking appliances


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Lighting and lighting solutions


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Rheinischer Ringofen


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Competence in all kinds of concrete


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Drinking water and heating water management


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Project development


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rheinische riviera

Representative office (West)

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Heating, refrigeration and ventilation technology


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Construction services/R3 representative offices in North-Rhine Westphalia


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Carpenter’s workshops

For ecology-minded clients, solid timber buildings are second to none. Team up with us to develop the kind of houses that are demonstrably healthy and, on balance, the only viable option.



The new task that municipalities will be faced with will be to custom-develop plots of land, districts and other building land, to find creative uses for them that enter in on a symbiotic relationship with their ecological/contextual environment.