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The reference house

At our model apartment you can not only find out for yourself about the many advantages offered by the chosen materials, more importantly you can soak up its new and exceptional spacious feel (Q3, 2022) 
Experience a healthy living environment with all your senses.


Including innovative ideas in real conditions is an important driving force behind our work.

We derive particularly valuable insights from using our preferred approach featuring flexible dwelling spaces and accessible living.

Solar energy

Another impressive feature of the rheinische riviera reference house is its use of solar energy, passive heat storage and photovoltaics over a large surface area. However, what we are talking about here is a low-tech approach that allows you to enjoy your living space in peace and quiet.


Air quality

As part of the “Healthy Building Network”, our reference house continually has its air quality monitored. This allows for findings on the residents’ concrete living conditions. Healthy building also means being painstaking and accepting responsibility.