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rheinische riviera

rheinische riviera is developing sustainable climate concept houses with a feel-good factor, the kind of places where people can live healthy lives. On the construction method using solid organic wood, the architecture, its resource-saving approach and its great cost-efficiency.

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The prefabricated house

The rheinische riviera prefabricated house allows you to breathe without inhaling any toxins and represents a smart investment in your own future.

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Natural – a word with many meanings but unfortunately, in these times we live in, used in an exaggerated way. “Natural” – as nature intended, i.e., not artificial, not man-made. By contrast, not forced in any way but instead something unforced, innate and also self-evident. 


Timber – for a better carbon footprint

Minimizing a person’s use of resources is the most effective form of climate protection. By opting for a solid timber house, you are making a valuable contribution to our climate. After all, as one of our most important building materials, wood starts taking the carbon out of our atmosphere as soon as it starts growing.

For example, a solid timber wall 24 cm in thickness takes the strain off our environment to the tune of more than 200 kg of carbon, as compared with a similar stone wall.

Building shell

The ideal building shell guards against fungal infestations switch the award because it is “naturally” breathable.


Prefabricated house

The rheinische riviera prefabricated house allows you to breathe without inhaling contaminants and is a clever investment in your own future