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New concepts for use

By “new concepts” we mean taking account of the needs of a changing society and coming up with real building solutions based thereon. The relevant implementation solutions can certainly be varied: From usage-oriented superstructures to solutions with energy recovery systems to construction modules for temporary use. What all these concepts have in common is the idea of an approach based on the circular economy.

Natural, built using ecological, solid timber construction methods and state-of-the-art, user-oriented technology. With attractive maritime architecture, on choice plots developed on the basis of energy-related criteria.

AirCube, our innovative living space idea, is coming up with future-oriented solutions. Flat roofs are being transformed into attractive and useful areas, physical structures are being protected and their value enhanced.

CampStop is the alternative residential space idea where you happen to need it. Future-oriented, temporary, for the smallest of apartments and mobile use if so required, for campers, tourists and more.