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What we offer

Focusing on one basic package and three high-quality prefabricated modules allows us to offer you real value for money. Collaborating with choice timber processing plants means that we can stay calm about the future, despite the rising cost of raw materials. Moreover, incentive schemes for building with renewable raw materials mean that in future this type of construction will remain highly recommended. 

Our concepts make sustainably produced, healthy living space a realistic and easily affordable proposition. What makes this possible is major state incentive schemes boasting standards set by the German Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW) and the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA), plus the fact that they can be built in very little time.

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Life cycle

Today, the focus is on the lifecycle of a building. People are no longer making decisions about prices and yields over the short term.
Instead, what matters is thinking about and determining those often more complex criteria relating to long-term ecological and financial considerations.

“Decisions take minutes, consequences are permanent.”

(Thomas Rau)


in future, the cost-effectiveness of buildings will have to be more greatly people-oriented and thus geared to the latter’s health.
What is important is to factor in recovery phases for residents, to avoid harmful substances and to minimize negative long-term effects.

“One mindset rooted in modern business ethics is the Iroquois’ 7-generation principle. This attitude to thinking and coming to decisions looks at period of sustainable actions with a view to a world that is worth living in by looking at a period of around 200 years. At the same time, it focuses on the importance of personal relationships.”

Insulating impact

When an outside wall succeeds in producing a considerable insulating effect with only a little insulation the necessary energy input will always remain low.
Particularly in those transitional seasons that are summer and fall, our wall systems manifest the highest potential for energy saving in the year.