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The prefabricated house

Our prefabricated houses represent a healthy way of building and living. They also offer maximum freedom in terms of design, since we faithfully implement your visions or those of your architect. Your input is important, because you yourself can make your own personal contribution, thus cutting costs. For your new home, you yourself are also free to choose many of the suppliers in a large number of trades.

Once this is been installed, we produce your prefabricated house in solid timber in next to no time, including its roof framework construction. With the protection of a breathable weatherproofing layer in place, you will be in a position to hold your topping-out ceremony in the twinkling of an eye.

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Option 1

Individual preferences are important – for instance, in your choice of windows. In this case, you have a high-quality finish at your disposal. 
Our aluminum/wood windows are made of wood using certified forestry methods

Roof cladding

Option 2

The roofing material used has a considerable impact on the appearance of your house. This is why here too we opt for special solutions. One of the salient features in this respect is our innovative specially developed “Cradletop” tiles. We also offer all the classic roofing materials. And all as part of our sustainable approach to construction.


Option 3

The module façade covers insulation, the substructure and the weatherproof façades. Carried out according to your specifications and including a large number of different options. Available as a tiled, plastered or wooden façade. Executed with particular care by experts.

Prefabricated packages

What you rightly expect from the prefabricated packages
is for everything to go smoothly, for the product to have
no defects
and for your contacts to keep their promises.

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Insulating properties

A solid timber wall has insulating properties, rather like a child with integrated insulation. As far as certain categories are concerned, namely breathability, heat dissipation, thermal properties and recyclability, solid timber walls vastly superior to other building materials.

Your solid timber house cools down more slowly and it is not imperative to air it.